Who We Are

We find the latest and greatest geoscience research, then write about it in language that everyone can understand. Find out more about our writers below.

Kristina Vrouwenvelder

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder

An avid science writer, Kristina also enjoys riding bikes, drinking craft beer, and petting dogs. Follow her on Twitter: @kvrouwen.

Charlie Shobe

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder

Charlie enjoys thinking about how erosion changes landscapes over time. Find out more at his website.

Hannah Mark

Contributing Writer

Hannah is a marine geophysicist. Her favorite mineral is olivine, and her website is over here.

Janani Hariharan

Contributing Writer

Janani investigates the secret lives of soil microbes. Find her on Twitter or her website.

Erin Martin-Jones

Contributing Writer

Erin is a geochronologist, tutor and science writer. Find her on Twitter and her blog.

Devayani Khare

Contibuting Writer

Devayani is passionate about landscapes, as a traveller, a storyteller, and a dormant geomorphologist. Find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Hadley McIntosh Marcek

Contributing Editor

Hadley is a biogeochemist loving all things to do with the water, especially in the Arctic. Find her on Twitter and her blog.

Paige Bankhead

Contributing Writer

Paige is a geologist at heart, plangineer by day and science writer by night. Find her on Twitter and her blog.

Alyssa Stansfield

Contributing Writer

Besides studying the relationships between hurricanes and climate, Alyssa enjoys reading, working out, and lounging at the beach. Find out more on her website.

David Litwin

Contributing Writer

David is a hydrologist and geology enthusiast. He likes to read, hike, and play the double bass. You can find him on twitter.

Xiangmin (Sam) Sun

Contributing Writer

Xiangmin (Sam) studies ecohydrology and micro-meteorology. He likes data, programming, history, and hiking. You can find him on twitter and his web page.

Claire Louise McLeod

Contributing Writer

Claire is an igneous petrologist fascinated by magmas on Earth and other planets. She likes to hike, is a trivia enthusiast, and has two dogs. Find her on Twitter and on her website.

Lloyd Anderson

Contributing Writer

Lloyd is a paleoceanographer who investigates ancient climates on Earth, and enjoys swimming and playing the piano. You can find him on Twitter.

Eleni Ravanis

Contributing Writer

Eleni is a planetary scientist who is interested in anything Mars-related. She’s also partial to jiu-jitsu. You can find her on Twitter

Emma Harris

Contributing Writer

Emma is a student studying planetary science in London. She loves volcanoes, yoga, and Taylor Swift’s music. You can find her on Twitter.

Avery Shinneman

Contributing Writer

Avery is a paleolimnologist and geo-science educator in Seattle. She’s loves water, bikes, and delicious food. You can find her on Twitter.

Tom Raven

Contributing Writer

Tom is a geologist and palaeontologist in London. He’s a big fan of triathlons and scrambling up mountains. You can find him on Twitter.

Lillian Henderson

Contributing Writer

Lillian is a marine organic geochemist studying the production and transformation of marine particles in Miami. She loves hiking, reading, and yoga. You can find her on her website.

Emily Felder

Contributing Writer

Emily is a student studying geology and astrobiology in Los Angeles. She works in documentary film and loves gardening and playing the banjo. You can follow her on Twitter.

Jessica Buser-Young

Contributing Writer

Jessica is a PostDoc in Oregon studying Geomicrobiology. She enjoys gardening and going on adventures with her husband (Peter) and cat (Batman). Learn more about her research here

Josh Anadu

Contributing Writer

Josh is an aspiring geomicrobiologist and astrobiologist. He enjoys an absurd amount of things to list in one sentence. Learn more about his work here and hear his rambling on YouTube and Twitter.

Yash Srivastava

Contributing Writer

Yash is planetary geochemist 🧑🏻‍🔬 studying Formation and Evolution of the Moon🌕. He loves food, trekking and science fiction. You can find him on Twitter.

Vishva Nalamalapu

Contributing Writer

Vishva is a recent biology graduate (though she not-so-secretly harbors a love for geology too) and a science writer. You can find her on her blog and on Twitter.

Kevin Hurler

Contributing Writer

Kevin is a young journalist with a Bachelor’s in Physics and Environmental Studies and a Master’s in Geology. He is currently editing for Wiley Publishing while contributing to GeoBites. You can keep up with him on Twitter, Instagram, and his website.

Shilpa Saha

Contributing Writer

Shilpa is a young researcher with a Masters in Geography. She is an aspiring writer in science.

Davitia James

Contributing Writer

Davitia is a geologist from Dominica. She is interested in volcanoes, planetary science, and the overlap between geology and the humanities. She enjoys exploring Dominica’s many hiking trails in her spare time. This is her twitter.

Derek Smith

Contributing Writer

Derek is an environmental microbiologist from Toledo, OH, USA. He is interested in how microbial metabolisms impact the chemistry of the Earth and human and ecosystem health (and vice versa) and how microbial interactions impact their physiology and ecology.

Max Winkler

Contributing Writer

Max is fascinated by astrochemistry and history. He also loves hiking, reading, and to cook together with his friends.

Author's Picture

Alex Hobé

Contributing Writer

Alex is passionate about geothermal energy and cross-discipline fertilization. His background as a professional dancer turned geophysicist ensures a wealth of unique perspectives to be applied to any problem. Learn more about his work here.

Erin Gibbons

Contributing Writer

Erin is pursuing a PhD in Earth & Planetary Science at McGill University, Canada. She spends her days trying to understand how life survives in the most extreme environments on Earth and is enthralled about the prospect of finding life beyond Earth and. She is also a contributing scientist to the NASA Perseverance Mission, which is currently seeking signs of life in Jezero Crater on Mars.

Jordan Healey

Contributing Writer

Jordan is a Geoscience graduate with an interest in volcanology and past climate change. He is also fascinated by the poltics and media portrayal of scientific issues.

Sean Boyce

Contributing Writer

Sean loves the fine things in life: the outdoors, a good book, and spectacular rocks. He is fascinated by how different scientific disciplines engage with one another.

Amber Saraf

Contributing Writer

Amber is an aspiring geoscientist. He loves trekking, rock climbing and reading.

Kelly Shannon

Contributing Writer

Kelly is a microbiology Masters and PhD student at Oregon State University. He is interested in environmental microbiology and how it relates to climate and the health of the planet.

Borjana Bogatinoska

Contributing Writer

Borjana Bogatinoska is a passionate PhD candidate at the Open University in the Netherlands, specializing in environmental sciences. Her research is centered around nature-based solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation, with a particular focus on the social aspects of designing these solutions with stakeholders. Her work also involves evaluating the effectiveness of nature-based solutions for addressing flooding, drought, and carbon sequestration.

Shannon Bohman

Contributing Writer

Shannon Bohman is a physical oceanographer interested in tea, cats, and communicating environmental science.

Daniela Osorio Rodriguez

Contributing writer

Daniela is a geomicrobiologist from Bogotá, Colombia. She is interested in making science accessible to the public in English and Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, working out, and nature.

Ellen Beshuk

Contributing Writer

Ellen is passionate about science writing and educating the world about the amazing advancements in research. Find out more on her website!

William Christian

Contributing Writer

Will studies how microbial interactions impact the carbon cycle in his graduate studies at Montana State University. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his daughter, Madison, and is passionate about communicating science!